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WebsiteCompass 15 Plan Your Route As an alternative to directing you from one location to another as quickly as possible, Apple Maps enables you to choose other criteria for your route. For example, do you want a scenic drive? Do you want to avoid tolls? To make these selections, navigate to your Settings. Then tap Maps > Driving & Navigation. Adjust the Tolls and Highways switches according to your choices. While here you can also choose whether or not to show a compass and the current speed limit in your navigation environment. Report What You See on the Road To help your fellow drivers, you can use Apple Maps to report accidents, hazards, or speed traps. While in navigation mode, tap the route card at the bottom of the screen. Then tap Report and select Accident, Hazard, or Speed Check. Alternatively, speak your request to Siri by saying, “Hey Siri, report an accident” or something similar depending on what you are seeing. Do a Flyover This fun feature allows you to do a 3D flyover of major cities. The flyover appears as a computer-generated animation that displays notable landmarks. To begin the tour for places where it’s available, tap Flyover. Other Apps That Use Maps Google Maps and Apple Maps are both highly useful apps, but there are others that were designed to perform certain functions better. • Waze is a traffic app that enables users to identify traffic conditions, speed traps, accidents, and road construction. It also includes information like where to find the cheapest gas. You can use it for performing detailed route planning that involves multiple stops and finding cool destinations. • CityMapper is a highly useful alternative to Google Maps for using public transportation, whether in your local area or a location you’re visiting. You input where you want to go and CityMapper tells you how to get there step by step, including how to get to the nearest stop, what number or name to watch for, and all the stops on the route. • Roadtrippers is specifically for long driving trips and enables you to plan your route plus stops along the way. You can get a subscription to enable more features like collaborating with friends or planning a longer route. Keep these tools in mind for even more navigation support.