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WebsiteCompass 13 If you remember what life was like before GPS, you’re likely grateful for every “Prepare to turn left” or “Exit the highway” from your Google Maps or Apple Maps app. But did you know these handy tools can do more than offer directions from Point A to Point B? You’ll Be Lost Without These GPS Settings Get more out of Google Maps and Apple Maps NOTE: Instructions may differ depending on what kind of device you’re using. Google Maps Google Maps is a powerful navigation tool with some amazing features. Remember Where You Parked Everyone has a story of that one time they just couldn’t find their car. With this feature, remembering your parking spot never has to be a problem again. To use this feature, locate the blue dot that indicates your current location. Tap on the dot and choose Save parking. A pin appears in the location, which you can reference when you later come to find your car. Click the pin to clear it after you’ve located your car. To have Google Maps automatically remember your parking locations, tap your profile picture, then Settings > Notifications > Getting around. Set Parking location to on. Then, when you complete a navigation session, at the bottom of the screen tap Know where you parked. ViewWhere You’ve Been Depending on your settings, Google may track where you go. Many find this feature to be creepy, but it can also be cool, especially when you want to relive vacations. To see your timeline, within Google Maps, tap your profile picture and select Your timeline. The default setting is today. To see past days, tap Today and choose a date. You’ll see a map and timeline for all the places you went that day as well as any photos you might have uploaded to Google Photos then. Create Custom Labels Are there some places you need to return to infrequently and want directions each time? Rather than having to remember the addresses for these places (such as the dentist where you only go twice per year), create a custom label. To do it, type the address into Google Maps and select Label. Then type in your label, such as Dr. Marcus. Next time you need directions to this place, search for the label name and Google Maps will find the address. Get Offline Maps This feature is super handy for travel when you might not have reliable internet service Back to Basics