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SPEC I AL ED I T ION Cornerstone Group © 2023 YOUR CONNECTION TO WHAT’S COMING Fiber Guide Panora Office 114 East Main Street, Panora, IA 50216 641.755.2424 Hours: M–F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Guthrie Center Office 403 State Street, Guthrie Center, IA 50115 641.332.2000 Hours: M–F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. but closed 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. for lunch FIBER Fast • Reliable • Local FIBER panorafiber.com Fast Fiber Internet is Coming to Your Area Good news travels fast, and so does fiber internet from Panora Fiber! We’re working to bring Fiber-to- the-Home technology to the residents and businesses of rural Bagley starting in Q3 2023. rural Linden, rural Redfield, and rural Adel/Earlham will follow. This will provide access to ultra-fast internet speeds and more. To learn more about our fiber build and complete an Interest Form, scan this QR code. You’re also welcome to call us at 641.755.2424 in Panora or 641.332.2000 in Guthrie Center if you have any questions. Panora Fiber is Your Local Provider With Local Service When you need to get an account question answered or a technology problem solved, nothing beats working with a local company that cares. We know you’ll enjoy the local customer service from Panora Fiber as much as we enjoy providing it. Help is Always Close By The entire Panora Fiber team—whether working in the office or out in the field—is committed to bringing you the best possible communications solutions and making your customer experience a consistently positive one. As your local provider, our employees live and work in these areas and understand your needs in a way that distant competitors simply can’t. With Panora Fiber, you can stop by for in-person assistance at our office in Panora or call to talk to one of our local employees. Unlike national companies, you’re not limited to 800 numbers answered by a revolving door of people from across the country or on the other side of the world. Do you feel like you’re just a number to your current internet provider? There’s something much better waiting for you at Panora Fiber. Local Connections are Important Panora Fiber is deeply rooted in our service area, and we’ve built strong local connections, relationships, and knowledge over many years. We lend a hand to help our communities through donations and volunteer hours. Perhaps most importantly, we’re expanding our fiber network to enhance lives and foster economic growth. Visit panorafiber.com/fiber-build today to see maps and get updates on the fiber build in your area. You’ll also find answers to frequently asked questions and can fill out the no-obligation Interest Form.

PANORAFIBER.COM • 641 . 755 . 2424 IN PANORA • 641 . 332 . 2000 IN GUTHRIE CENTER Nothing Compares to the Benefits of a Fiber-to-the-Home Network Every internet service provider claims to provide fast and reliable internet service, but is there a clear winner when it comes to how internet is delivered? The answer is YES! Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) networks—which take fiber-optic cables all the way to customer addresses—are the gold standard for internet technology and superior to hybrid fiber-coaxial networks, DSL networks using copper lines, and wireless/cellular networks. Panora Fiber is building a FTTH network in the areas of rural Bagley, rural Linden to Redfield, and rural Redfield to rural Adel/Earlham. You’ll soon have access to many advantages including these: Fastest Internet Speeds Fiber-optic cables can deliver data to and from devices at speeds over 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps), which far surpasses other types of network technology. What’s more, these speeds can be symmetrical, meaning the download and upload speeds are the same. When you’re connected to a FTTH network, you’ll have the internet speed you need for all your online activities. Incredible Reliability Unlike copper lines, fiber-optic cables contain strands of glass and are unaffected by electromagnetic interference, making them much more resilient to outside factors including severe weather, temperature fluctuations, and moisture. A FTTH network is also not limited by obstructions such as buildings or hills as are wireless networks. More Enjoyable Entertainment The super-fast internet connections provided by FTTH networks enable you to fully enjoy all of today’s entertainment options, from streaming movies and TV shows to online gaming, social media, and video calls. Since you won’t have to deal with the annoyance of buffering that comes from a too-slow internet connection, you’ll be able to just relax and enjoy the fun. Low Latency Latency refers to how much time it takes for an internet signal to travel to its destination and back. Low latency is important for activities where a delay would matter, such as online gaming, video conferencing, and stock trading. Fiber internet typically has much lower latency than other types. Future-Ready Capacity The average number of internet-connected devices in the home continues to rise each year, as does internet usage. While other types of networks struggle to keep up with rising demand, FTTH networks offer virtually unlimited capacity and are ready to meet tomorrow’s technology requirements, whatever they may be. Increased Productivity Time is money, so the incredible speed and reliability of fiber internet make it the best choice for businesses. When connected to a FTTH network, employees can work more productively and quickly access data and applications stored in the cloud. Want to benefit from Panora Fiber’s FTTH network? Fill out the Interest Form at panorafiber.com/ fiber-build.

Cornerstone Group © 2023 Why Choose Panora Fiber Internet? Panora Fiber believes small rural communities deserve access to the same level of internet service as large cities. That’s why we continue to invest in our Iowa communities to build the area’s largest rural fiber-optic network. Here are five top reasons to choose Panora Fiber: 1. Access to Internet Speeds over 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps) Our blazing-fast internet speeds are incredible, but they’re not all you can get as a Panora Fiber customer. We offer Managed Wi-Fi with a premium router and the CommandIQ app offering network security and parental controls. Managed Wi-Fi is included with one of our fiber internet plans and can be added to the others to help you live your best connected life. 2. Increased Home Value Being connected to a FTTH network will increase a typical home’s value by an average of 3.1%. That’s because so many buyers consider access to fiber internet to be an “I can’t live without it” essential. 3. Responsive Service from Your Local Provider Panora Fiber is right here with you, providing 24/7 customer service and tech support. Since our employees are also your neighbors, you can count on fast and friendly help when you need it. 4. Increased Security Online threats are everywhere these days. You’ll increase your security and gain more peace of mind with the ProtectIQ app, which comes with Managed Wi-Fi. It offers protection for computers and tablets as well as smart devices such as phones, watches, cameras, TVs, and more. 5. Unlimited Data, Unmatched Performance Some internet providers have data caps and make you pay fees if you exceed them. Not Panora Fiber! We have no data caps and no hidden fees. Plus, our fiber internet is the most reliable and consistent, and it provides upload speeds as fast as download speeds. To take the first step toward fiber internet, visit panorafiber.com/fiberbuild and fill out the Interest Form. If you have questions, call us at 641.755.2424 in Panora or 641.332.2000 in Guthrie Center. FAST FACTS RELATED TO FAST FIBER Here’s a by-the-numbers look at fiber internet: 91% of home-seekers list availability of high-speed fiber internet as the most important thing when choosing a community to call home. 43% of U.S. households have access to fiber internet connections. 6hrs. 43min. is the average time internet users spend daily on online activities. 8 sec. is all it takes to download an HD movie with 1 Gig fiber internet, compared to 22 minutes with 10 Mbps internet over another type of network.

Cornerstone Group © 2023 PANORAFIBER.COM • 641 . 755 . 2424 IN PANORA • 641 . 332 . 2000 IN GUTHRIE CENTER Panora Office 114 East Main Street Panora, IA 50216 FIBER F st • Reliable • Local How the Fiber Construction Process Works Step 1: Design Contractors and Panora Fiber collaborated on the fiber path design and submitted it to the county for approval. Our engineers chose the most efficient way to bring fiber optics to the designated rural areas. Step 2: Sign Up Visit panorafiber.com/fiber-build to complete the Interest Form, which lets us know you’d like to be connected to our fiber network. Step 3: Main Line Construction Construction crews begin the fiber build along the roads of the project. Step 4: Site Visit A Panora Fiber technician will come on-site to determine the best route for bringing underground fiber to your premise. Step 5: Construction to Premise Utlilities will be located and flagged to construction. Fiber optics will be buried and coiled up outside the desired building. Step 6: Splice and Test Our splicing teams access each vault to separate individual fibers that will eventually connect directly to your premise. Fiber is tested. Step 7: Ready for At-Home Installation Your location is now ready, and you can fill out an application for service. A Panora Fiber representative will call you to schedule installation, which includes a protector box on the exterior of your home and an additional device for the interior. Step 8: Enjoy You’re now a Panora Fiber customer and can enjoy our fiber internet. A fiber network connects you to unlimited possibilities. You can explore new levels of online experiences with ultra-fast internet speeds. You can grow your small business knowing we offer the reliability of a 100% underground, stormproof fiber network. And you can dream about what you’ll achieve with today’s (and tomorrow’s) advanced technologies. What can you do with Panora Fiber? You can do virtually anything. Visit panorafiber.com/fiber-build to learn more. What can you do? Do more with our Fiber Network Exterior Interior