Connections for May 2023

Cornerstone Group © 2023 PANORA FIBER • WWW.PANORAFIBER.COM • 641 . 755 . 2424 IN PANORA • 641 . 332 . 2000 IN GUTHRIE CENTER Let’s Hear It for the Athletes Who Made It to State All of us at Panora Fiber were thrilled to see to athletes from local high schools make it to 2023 state tournaments. We applaud their accomplishments and give a shoutout to their coaches. AC/GC High School Wrestlers AC/GC had two wrestlers advance to the state tournament, with both taking the district title in their respective weight classes. Tegan Slaybaugh took first place in the 120-pound weight class, while Payton Jacobe won first place for heavyweight. Panorama High School Girls Basketball In the 2023 Iowa Girls Basketball State Championships, Panorama Girls Basketball reached the Class 2-A semifinals. A special congratulations goes out to these players for their 2023 honors: • Jaidyn Sellers – All State • Tyme Boettcher – All Region • Mia Waddle, Zoey Hambleton, and Kaitlyn Kent – All Conference We Congratulate All Graduates on Their Achievements Graduations are cause for celebration, whether a student is graduating from high school, college, or another type of educational program. Panora Fiber recognizes the hard work required to reach these important milestones, and we wish all the graduates in our community good luck as they begin the next chapter of their lives. Wi-Fi doesn’t need to be complicated. So, if you find yourself having to think about your home’s Wi-Fi network more than you’d like, we suggest you simplify things a bit and get Managed Wi-Fi. This monthly service takes the hassles of Wi-Fi troubleshooting (and more) off your hands in exchange for a small monthly fee. Once you sign up for Managed Wi-Fi, Panora Fiber will handle a variety of Wi-Fi tasks for you: • Installation of a next-generation router with powerful Wi-Fi 6 • Selection of the best router location in your home for optimal coverage and signal strength from room to room • Setup of your Wi-Fi security password to avoid others using your Wi-Fi network without your permission • Connection of your devices—such as laptops, tablets, phones, and printer—to the Wi-Fi network • Ongoing maintenance including router software upgrades for optimal performance • Remote support should a Wi-Fi issue arise • Repair or replacement of our router when needed Keep this in mind: If you don’t have Managed Wi-Fi and need in-home help with a router you purchased on your own, you’ll have to pay the hourly fee for a service call by one of our technicians. This can get pricey if you end up with a series of Wi-Fi issues. It really boils down to a simple choice. Do you want to spend your time doing all the necessary Wi-Fi network setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting? Or would you rather leave all that to us and just enjoy using your Wi-Fi with all your home’s connected devices? Panora Fiber offers Managed Wi-Fi. To learn more about its features and to sign up for service, call 641.755.2424 in Panora or 641.332.2000 in Guthrie Center. There’s a Simple Solution to Much Simpler Wi-Fi