Spring 2020 Newsletter

© All West Communications ALL WEST COMMUNICATIONS • 866.ALL.WEST (255.9378) • www.allwest.com A Smart Home is a Smart Way to Decrease Costs and Increase Safety Your home may be beautiful. But is it also smart? Thanks to Home Technology Integration, your home can become a Smart Home and enable you to remotely manage a variety of systems using an internet connection. The technology can be divided into two basic functions: systems control and monitoring: Systems Control Via a smartphone or tablet, it’s now possible to control a long list of things in a Smart Home without you having to be there. They include: • Heating, air conditioning and ventilation • Blinds • Lighting • Whole-house music and entertainment • Appliances • Locks on doors and gates This can be done on a case-by-case basis or you can develop profiles that will automatically manage these systems depending on the time of day, day of the week or only when motion is detected. Not only is it con- venient to have a Smart Home, it can save you money through increased energy efficiency. Monitoring Do you worry about your home when you’re away for long vacations or business trips? With a Smart Home, you can use your internet connection to monitor for things like temperature, fire, motion or flooding. Sensors detecting any of these events can email you an alert. For example, let’s say the sump pump quits working and your basement is filling up with water. You’ll receive an email alerting you of the emergency so you can call the plumber immediately. When the plumber arrives at your locked front door, a motion detector will tell you someone is at the door. A snapshot video camera will send you a picture confirming it’s the plumber and you can then unlock the door—all without having to be there! Other Smart Home possibilities include streaming video surveillance to keep an eye on family members, pets, or a backyard pool. For sick or elderly family members, Personal Alert Systems are also available to quickly contact emergency personnel. All West Communications offers reliable internet speeds for today’s Smart Home. Contact Customer Service at 866.255.9378 for an inter- net plan audit to ensure you have the right speed for your needs. Tips to Help You Reduce, Reuse and Recycle You can make a difference to the environment at home or at the office. Do your part this Earth Day, April 22, and year-round to reduce waste, reuse items and recycle what articles you can. In the Yard • Make compost at home and use it in your yard. • Choose plants native to your area. • Borrow, rent or share tools that you don’t use often. In the Home • Donate non-perishable food to local food banks. • Recycle packaging and empty containers whenever possible. • Set your thermostat a few degrees higher in the summer and lower in the winter. • Install compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) when your old bulbs burn out. • Buy items in bulk or concentrate —and in packaging made of recycled material when possible. At the Office • Think before you print. And if you must, print double-sided. • Recycle paper—or use it as scratch paper. • Bring a reusable water bottle to fill. • Use silverware, glasses and plates vs. plastic and paper products. • Reuse baskets and jars to organize office supplies vs. buying some- thing new. Check out www.earthday.org for more tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle.