Spring 2020 Newsletter

ALL WEST COMMUNICATIONS • 866.ALL.WEST (255.9378) • www.allwest.com What are the Benefits of All West.tv vs. Traditional TV? All West.tv’s streaming platform delivers several features that traditional TV just can’t pro- vide. All West.tv is like Netflix and Hulu; you download the app and follow the prompts to install. All West.tv offers more content options—with local sports, news and weather along with popular networks—plus a library of on-demand TV shows and movies that you can pause, rewind and fast forward so you never miss a moment. On-demand TV shows and movies are also commercial-free, and you get to experience the fun of binge watching—no waiting for next episode or season. For a quick look at howAllWest.tv compares to traditional TV, check out the chart below: Your All West.tv Questions Answered Do you have questions about our app-based streaming service, All West.tv? We have answers. Which devices work with All West. tv? It works with several Smart TVs and Apple, Amazon and Android devices. For a complete listing, check out: www.allwest.com/tv/ allwest-tv/. Is an Amazon Prime account needed for the Fire TV Stick? No, a standard Amazon account will do. How do I install All West.tv? 1. Contact All West to order. 2. Set up/install the supported device(s). 3. Go to the app store on the device (or search “All West.tv” on the Fire TV Stick). 4. Download the All West.tv app. It looks like this: 5. Follow the prompts to complete the download. How do I set up the Fire TV remote on my smartphone? 1. Go to the app store on your smartphone. 2. In the search bar, type “Amazon Fire TV” and install the app. 3. Open the app and select sign in, and then tap New Devices. 4. Connect to your Fire TV Stick when it shows up in the list. You can now use your smartphone as a Fire TV remote! For more answers to your ques- tions and details on All West. tv features, check out the FAQ page at www.allwest.com/faq _category/all-west-tv/. Benefit All West.tv Traditional TV No set-top box required X Self-install X FREE HD channels / no box needed X FREE cloud DVR (100 hours) / no box needed X Parental controls X Personal profiles X Recommendations for TV shows and movies (you may not be familiar with) based on YOUR likes X Watch on a variety of devices (no cord needed!) X A library of on-demand TV shows and movies X Pause, rewind and fast forward TV shows and movies X Three great TV packages to choose from X X The choice is clear. For more options, flexibility and control, All West.tv delivers what you want, when you want it. Why not make the switch today? Tomake it even easier to switch, you can try All West.tv FREE for 30 days.* No contract. No obligation. Call our streaming TV experts at 866.255.9378 to get set up with All West.tv today—and start enjoying TV in a whole new way. *Limited time offer. Residential customers only. Must have All West internet.