Signal Winter 2022 Newsletter

14 Not only are the seasons changing, but the faces around here are changing, too. Four of our long-term employees have entered the next phase of life, retirement. It’s bittersweet. We’re happy for them, but we’re sad to see them go. Alliance was lucky to have such fantastic, dedicated people working here. Edith Karli retired earlier in 2022, and Tom Donelan, Terry Ribstein and Jim Hove retired this fall. Four Alliance Employees Retired After Combined 95 Years It was bittersweet to see them go Edith Karli worked at Alliance since June 1999. She worked out of our Garretson office in the accounting department. She wore many hats in her years here, including working in collections, billing, payroll and benefits. The biggest change she saw was seeing the transition of the landline phone being a necessity to becoming something people rarely use anymore. She said she misses the people at Alliance the most. Edith plans on spending time with her grandkids and kids, as well as traveling during her retirement. Tom Donelan was in the telecom business for 40 years and was with Alliance for 28 of them. In his time here, he said the biggest challenge was changing everything to fiber. Tom worked out of our Garretson office. He played an integral part when Alliance expanded into Rock County, Minnesota, and he covered much of that area in the past six years. Tom said he’s not sure what his plan is for retirement, but he’s taking it a day at a time. He said he’ll miss working with customers and his co-workers. Terry Ribstein worked at Alliance for 19 of his 43 years in the telecom business. He covered Larchwood, Valley Springs, Hills and Steen. Terry said the biggest challenge was the changing technology and the pace in which it changed. He also said he’ll miss working with the people here at Alliance and the customers he has gotten to know over the years. Terry looks forward to not having a plan during retirement and enjoying activities he likes. He’ll be spending time with family and traveling. Jim Hove was in the telecom business for 40 years, and 25 of them were at Alliance. Jim worked out of our Garretson office and was a technician for much of his time here. Jim was also a big part of our Rock County expansion project. In 2019, he transitioned over to our construction team. He helped with the general coordination for our construction projects, worked with contractors and managed our mapping system. Jim said the biggest change and challenge was converting to fiber. You’ll likely see Jim doing some fishing during retirement and enjoying time with friends and family. Our Alliance family misses these four employees, and we wish them the very best. Please help us congratulate each of them. Edith Karli Tom Donelan Terry Ribstein Jim Hove