Signal Summer 2022 Newsletter

4 LET’S GET GROWING! Use trusted practices and new trends to cultivate your best garden Many people have taken up this rewarding hobby over the years, but each garden is unique. In the next few pages, we offer information to help you make yours the best it can be and get the most from your resources, region, and skills. Beginners will find how-tos and guides to get started, and experienced gardeners will appreciate the new advice and trends. We gathered a list of helpful apps to bring into the garden with you, along with your shovels, gloves, and seeds. You’ll also learn common gardening mistakes to avoid, how to start your garden indoors before planting season, and why it’s super important to know where utility lines are buried before you start digging. We hope this information will help you take the next step in your gardening journey, even if it’s through the mud! So, roll up your sleeves, grab your watering can, and dig through this content to pick up terrific tips for this year’s garden. Whether you have a single container with a tomato plant on your balcony or an elaborate flower collection in your backyard, you’re likely getting the many benefits of gardening, which include relaxation, enjoyment, a sense of accomplishment, and connection with the earth. QUICK TIP: Consider joining a local gardening group to trade tips specific to your region.