RTC's Communicator for Spring 2019

For your chance to be entered in the drawing to win a $10 credit on your bill, correctly answer the questions at right and include with your RTC bill. Mail to RTC, PO Box 68, Parshall, ND, 58770. Or email the answers to RTCteam@restel.com . READERS’ CONTEST Congratulations to these Winter 2018 Communicator “Readers’ Contest” winners. They will receive a $10 credit on their RTC bill: NAME PHONE 1. What is the name of the Superintendent of Garrison Public Schools? ___________________________________________________________________________ 2. What is the fastest internet speed offered by RTC? ___________________________________ 3. On what date will the next RTC Annual Meeting be held? _________________________ Pre-register starting March 1, 2019 at: rtc.pickitchallenge.com Play Our Free College Basketball Contest! Fill out your bracket and enjoy friendly competition with others in our RTC communities. It is easy to enter and fun to play. There are great prizes too! • Kimberly Andrews, Arnegard Exchange • Eugenia L Anton, New Town Exchange • Byron Larson, Ryder Exchange • Beulah Mahany, Watford City Exchange • DonnaWilloughby, Emmet Exchange 24 Main Street North • PO Box 68 Parshall, ND 58770 www.RTC.coop • RTC@restel.com www.facebook.com/RTC.coop Customer Service: 0811 (within RTC exchanges) or 888.862.3115 Repair Service: 0611 (within RTC exchanges) or 800.822.3311 24/7 Help Desk: 0211 (within RTC exchanges) or 800.497.2151 Headquarters: 24 Main St N • Parshall, ND 58770 New Town Office: 202 College Drive • New Town, ND 58763 Watford City Office: 701 14th St SW • Watford City, ND 58854 RTC is an equal opportunity employer and provider.