RTC's Business Communicator for Winter 2018

Don’t let your Wi-Fi connection get you down. You rely on Wi-Fi everyday – don’t settle for good enough. Get the best internet experience possible by extending your Wi-Fi connection throughout your home. Our technicians will assess your home todetermine how to best set up your Wi-Fi network to ensure peak performance, install the equipment, set up and test your home network, as well as connect all your devices – for FREE. It is all part of our Whole Home Wi-Fi packages, starting at just $10 per month. *Residential customers only. Requires a 100x100 Mbps speed or higher. Packages include up to twomesh units, additional units will need to be leased. Equipment is the property of RTC, $100 penalty applies if equipment is removed and not returned to RTC. Fees and taxes apply. Offer subject to change. Live your best Wi-Fi life. Contact us today! www.RTC.coop 888.862.3115 What if your WHOLE HOME had WIFI? We’re all over it.